Doodle Puppy Parents


Penny is a Golden Retriever with a long body and good height and a beautiful coat. She lives up to her breed by always having a toy or shoe in her mouth, if your not careful she’ll also have whatever you have in your hand in a flash! She loves to play with her friends and is a loving and affectionate girl.


Shiloh is a ball of fluff and fun and as you can see she loves to play in the water!  She is a beautiful Old English Sheepdog. Despite her size, she’d love nothing better than to snuggle up on your lap for the evening, she loves her people!  Shiloh will be part of our breeding program in early Fall 2018.


Aussie is a sweet natured female Australian Shepherd.  She is high energy and loves to run and play! She is a pretty girl that loves attention. Notice that her left eye is half brown(top) and half blue(bottom).


Sophie is our little bundle of joy, she is a Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is little now, but will grow to be a BIG girl! She is so much fun, her excitement when she sees you cannot be mistaken.


Sheldon is our deep red male that we are so excited to see the puppies that he will produce.


Zeke is a beautiful silver standard poodle boy! He is sweet and affectionate and pretty laid back, except for when it comes to cats, he is not a fan!   Zeke is one of the most gorgeous poodles you’ll ever see, his eyes are stunning!


Adele is a beautiful cream sable standard poodle with beautiful deep and dark eyes.   She is a gorgeous girl, very graceful, sweet natured and a very large poodle.


Bo is a rambunctious gorgeous male Golden Retriever, he is a very dark golden color and loves attention.


Abby is a gorgeous brown and white parti tuxedo girl! She is very sweet natured and loves to play and snuggle with her people! She thinks every piece of furniture is hers and likes cuddling up with a good chew toy.