We at Doodles from Poodles strive to always provide the healthiest and highest quality puppies possible. Our furry friends are all pets first, most of the time you will find them on our front porch or in the house with us and usually on our lap. We are NOT brokers and we don’t sell to brokers! We have a small breeding program to provide you with the best experience possible. We love and cherish each of them, we love getting to know each individual dog and their unique personalities. We feed them high quality food, and keep them up to date and healthy with the help of a fabulous vet. Our animals are raised to be socialized and well adjusted to new people.  We play and interact with them a lot, they are not cooped up in a kennel 23 hours a day; if they are in a kennel at all it is when they are sleeping and that’s it!  We live on a small farm that we fenced in so they have the run of our property, they do not lack exercise or play time! It is important to us that we take the very best care of our dogs and know that you will see that in your new pup.

Bailey & Cooper

Here is a cute picture of Bailey and Cooper after they had played themselves tired.

Dog Mess
When you have dogs in your house a lot you WILL have some messes and here is one them!
Mr. Dixon

And this is Mr. Dixon who was here before any of the others and would have preferred to keep it that way!